How to Choose a Retirement Community?

A retirement home can be a life changing opportunity for a loved one, whether it be by providing a safer environment, accessibility to much needed medical services, or assistance through everyday tasks. Due to the wide variety of lifestyles and support needed, it is important to carefully research all senior home living facilities and the support they can provide. To allow for a smooth and positive move, we at Retire Simple put together this guide on how to choose a retirement home for a loved one. With these guidelines you can find and choose the right place with confidence.

Identify Senior Living Needs

The first and most important step to start your research is to identify the needs of your loved one that will be moving to a retirement home. Try making a priority list of services and support that is needed for your family member, so you know exactly what type of support the retirement home will need to provide. Then use the criteria created to filter through all the different retirement homes, you can do so using our canadian retirement home directory. The criteria selected will impact the budget as well as the location of the senior community selected. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

• What kind of housing does my loved one need? (e.g. number of rooms)
• What is their level of autonomy? (See our article on different care types)
• Are their favorite activities provided at this residence?
• What services are offered that align with their needs? (e.g. medication management service, 3 meals/day, housekeeping service, etc.)
• What kind of community values are important?

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Budget for Retirement Home

Having a good idea of your budget is a great starting point to find the ideal senior retirement home. The good news is it is very easy to calculate your budget, you simple determine your expenses and sources of income so that you can acquire a price range corresponding to your financial resources. Typically the price of rent in residences are calculated on monthly basis, so we suggest to set the values in your budget by month.

During your research, you will find that senior living community pricing varies widely depending on the variety of services offered. By having proper knowledge of your loved one’s habits and their expenses, you will be in a good position to make comparisons and evaluate your options effectively.

Senior Living Community Location

Once you have created your criteria, and established your budget you can choose your preferred retirement home location. The location of your future home can greatly influence the quality of life and lifestyle opportunities for your family member. They will live there for a long time and it is also a place where they will make new connections, friendships and routines improving the quality of their life. If it’s important for them to be close to their friends and family, or a shopping mall, be sure to include these elements in your choice. This will save you a lot of hassle once they have settled in the retirement community and will encourage social activities or family gatherings.

Online Resources Retirement Canada

Using a retirement home directory can be a great way to find the perfect senior home for your loved one, ensuring that all your criteria is met. We encourage you to try our own search tool for retirement homes in Canada, as it is one of the best Canadian retirement home resources available. We have carefully compiled information on thousands of retirement homes in Canada, to help you find a home that fits all the needs your loved one might have. By using one, you will save a lot of time and only visit residences that suit your preferences and needs.

Consult the Resources Available for Seniors

We highly recommended that you consult any available resources for your region that can provide you any further financial assistance or knowledge regarding benefits, health, transportation, etc. Typically government website and non-for- profits, which can be found using search engine, compile grants, government aid opportunities, among other things. Compile all the information you find and benefit from the various services and programs available.

Safety and Hygiene of the Eldery

Safety and hygiene are essential when choosing your retirement home. Don’t be afraid to ask about security and cleanliness measures that are in place, to ensure that your loved one has the level of care and security you expect. You can request this information from the residency manager or include it in query when using a search platform. Don’t be afraid to reach out to residency managers for any other questions you might have, they are a great resource that you can always turn to!

Retirement Community Reviews

The reputation of a residence speaks about the level of service and quality of life your loved one can have. Find reviews on the quality of services, cleanliness, atmosphere, and experience and you will be better equipped to make an informed decision. More importantly, you will be able to avoid unwanted surprises once you have committed to a retirement home. Our platform is proud to offer reviews by real individuals that have first person experience with each residence. If you find several negative reviews or comments about a retirement home, then it may be a good idea to continue your search. On the other hand, if the reviews for a senior living home are mostly positive, then it means you are on the right track.

Senior Communities Rule and Regulations

Before you sign a lease, it’s best to understand the rules and regulations of the establishment. It is recommended that you read all the necessary documentation so that you are well-informed about life in that retirement community and its rules. The related services, the handling of complaints, the filing, the reception procedure, additional costs, and code of ethics must be taken into consideration. If you find all these aspects suitable, continue your process.

Reach out to Senior Living Communities

Once you have chosen a residence, speak to the property manager and they will be happy to set up a showing to see the home and answer any questions you might have. When you are on site, be sure to visit the common areas, the dining room, and talk to the staff. See if your family member would feel comfortable in the unit and in the residence. Above all, don’t hesitate to ask questions that you have previously written down on your criteria list. After the visit, weight the pros and cons to find out if this senior community is ideal for you.

Choosing a Retirement Community

Before you sign the lease, make sure to review the rent inclusions and particularly the services that will incur additional fees. The goal is to be well-informed and avoid gray areas, do this by reviewing the operation and rules of the residence. You want to have complete peace of mind when you sign the lease.

These are the guidelines that will help you find and choose the right retirement home for a loved one or yourself. Be sure to do proper research and use the relevant tools available so that the process becomes easier.


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