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    Our vision is to enable Christian seniors to ‘age in place’. We believe our seniors prefer to remain in their own community near family, friends, church and healthcare providers.

    We provide a quality-oriented facility, while striving to meet the needs of this diverse group. We are not just constructing a building of bricks and mortar, we aim to promote a caring Christian community and cultivate a supportive living environment.

    We believe that seniors must be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of declining capabilities. We aim to be advocates on your behalf, if you so wish, with various medical and health service providers. We believe it is our responsibility to provide a Christian care approach in a changing social climate that may place a different value on compassionate life care issues.

    We intend to be on the cutting edge when it comes to researching and evaluating new technologies, programs and services. We are dedicated to providing a quality constructed home with excellent care and services. We strive to be innovative in offering an appropriate level of service.

    This means offering flexible health and supportive services to meet the changing needs of members as they age. In addition, this means seeking to surpass accreditation standards for facilities similar to ours.

    Activities & Amenities

    Main Lobby “Town Square”
    The main entrance lobby of Woodland Towers is our community’s “town square” area. The secured lobby area includes a welcoming sitting area, our Welcome Desk providing visitor orientation, our sales and marketing offices, administration facilities and a convenience Shoppe. The lobby also provides access to the Meadows Dining Room with its adjacent Fireside Lounge, Bistro and private dining room where residents will enjoy fine dining, refreshments, conversation areas and also enjoy amazing views over our on-site pond. Our Wellness Centre and Salon are also conveniently located close to the main lobby.

    The Meadows Dining Room

    The Great Hall


    Cafe Lounge
    Located on the lower level of Woodland Towers, the Café Lounge features both indoor and outdoor terrace seating overlooking our pond. What a setting for meeting up with friends and family.

    Multi-Purpose Activity Room
    The Multi-Purpose Activity Room will be a key component of the additional amenities that Park Tower will bring to the Meadows upon its completion.

    Book and Craft Room
    The Book and Craft Room also being planned as part of Park Tower will increase reading and crafting opportunities for our residents.

    The Pond

    Nature Trails and Gardens

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