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4388 Garry Street, Richmond, British Columbia V7E 2V2, Canada

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    Wisteria Place is an innovative seniors’ living community in the spectacular waterfront community of Steveston, BC. Wisteria Place is a place our residents will be proud to call home; a safe place, where their needs are taken care of and they have the freedom to pursue their interests. At Wisteria Place, we provide activities and facilitate connections between our residents and the community, to help foster a sense of purpose. We are a community hub. We connect cultures.

    We represent harmony through action. Harmony is experienced with joy, celebration, and sharing. Harmony can only exist with connection, compassion, and love. There is peace when neighbours don’t fight; there is harmony when they potluck, share stories and laugh together. Harmony exists through action because harmony does not occur on its own - we need to do the work. And through that work, we have purpose.

    Through our words and actions, we will promote the harmony we wish to see. Harmony at Wisteria Place, harmony with nature, and harmony within the greater community of Richmond. Some concrete ways we will create harmony is through the use of inclusive language and diverse models in our photography, and facilitate connection by planning community events.

    The Wisteria Place logo includes stylized wisteria blossoms. The three blossoms represent the three important parts of who we are: people, place and community. People are the individuals who work and live at Wisteria Place. Place includes the physical building of Wisteria Place and its proximity to the Steveston Buddhist Temple and Steveston Park. Community represents our participation in the greater community of Richmond.

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    Our chefs are experts in several types of cuisine, so residents can try new things or stick
    to familiar favourites. Friends and family are welcome to join you at the restaurant, the
    Koi Café, or in your kitchenette-equipped suite.


    • North American cuisine
    • Chinese cuisine
    • Japanese cuisine
    • Locally-sourced ingredients

    Activities & Amenities

    Art space
    • Tai Chi
    • Fitness classes
    • Social clubs
    • Walking clubs
    • Game times
    • Concierge and Tuck Shop
    • Central courtyard
    • Off-leash park
    • Spa
    • Koi Cafe
    • State-of-the-art touchless security system
    • Covered parking

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